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Haryana Government Boosts Support for Laborers: Increased Financial Assistance in Welfare Schemes – GD SN Co.
Labour Welfare Fund Regis | V J CONSILIUM in Chennai, India

In a commendable move, the Haryana government has recently unveiled a significant enhancement in the financial assistance provided to the beneficiaries of schemes run by the Haryana Labour Welfare Board. These developments come as a ray of hope for the labour community in the state and underline the government’s commitment to their welfare. The revised assistance amounts are as follows:

  1. Cycle Scheme: The financial aid offered under the Cycle Scheme has been raised from INR 3,000 to INR 5,000..
  2. Sewing Machine Scheme: The assistance provided for the Sewing Machine Scheme has been increased from INR 3,500 to INR 4,500.
  3. Scholarship Scheme: The Haryana government has also amplified its support in the Scholarship Scheme, which aids the education of children from laborer families. This increase in the scholarship amount reflects the government’s commitment to the education and future prospects of these deserving youngsters.

These adjustments signal a positive change for the laborers of Haryana, ensuring they have improved access to essential resources and opportunities. This move not only provides financial relief but also encourages skill development and education among laborers, ultimately contributing to their betterment and the state’s socio-economic growth. For more detailed information and the official notification regarding these updates, please go through the Notification

Notification – LWF Act Amendment

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